Bathroom lighting

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See what lighting can do in the bathroom

Bathroom lighting


Bathroom lighting should always be ready for challenges. First thing in the morning it needs to be bright enough for shaving, applying make-up or putting in contact lenses. But bathroom lighting should also be relaxing when you want to have a bath at the end of the day.


Safe bathroom lamps, perfectly suited for humid environments


Our elegant bathroom lamps are sealed tight and suitable for humid environments. The bathroom lighting is divided into three humidity zones; that's why all our bathroom lamps are rated either IP23, IP44 or IP65. We carefully consider our materials and performance because your safety and well-being are important to us.


Bathroom IP

High quality light bulbs - energy-saving light


Philips offers a range of bathroom lighting with the latest energy-saving technology from fluorescent energy-saving bulbs to high-power LED bulbs.


Bathroom lighting tips

  • The best way to light a mirror is from the top and both sides. Mirror lighting should shine light on the face to eliminate all shadows.
  • For shaving or applying make-up it's best to complement general lighting with task lighting.
  • For ambience, a wall light fixture can add pretty accents and open up the room space.
  • The shower is a secondary area for task lighting. Include one or two recessed spotlights with IP65 above the shower and near the bath.
  • Installing dimmer switches in the bathroom gives you full control of the amount of light that you want or need at any given moment.

Popular bathroom lighting

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Tips for choosing bathroom lighting

3 tips for choosing & installing bathroom lighting

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Bathroom lighting

Bathroom lighting - The right bathroom lights for your bathroom!

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Bathroom lighting

Bathroom Lighting - bright morning rituals, relaxing evenings

Create a bright bathroom with the right bathroom lighting.


From recessed spotlights (with or without dimming feature) to LED lighting. Illuminate your bathroom in style!


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LED lighting in the bathroom

LED lighting in the bathroom - stylish bathroom lighting

LED lighting makes for a bright and stylish bathroom. In addition, our LED bathroom lighting is 80% more energy efficient than traditional lighting.


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