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    Philips is your partner of choice when opening an OBL

    At Philips, we do much more than provide you with cutting-edge equipment and devices; we set you up for long-term success and accompany you throughout your journey. Philips is your partner of choice, offering services and support throughout the lifecycle of your physician office-based lab (OBL).

    Increasing trend of physicians opening office-based labs


    An increasing number of physicians are deciding to perform core vascular procedures in the office setting due to significant shifts in reimbursement and additional changes in regulations for the ASC and OBL settings than the hospital setting.


    For at least the past five years, Medicare and many insurance payers have reimbursed procedures performed in the physician-office setting at a different, higher rate, thereby presumably making vascular procedures more financially viable in the office setting in comparison to the hospital setting. While more complex cases for serious illnesses are reserved for hospitals, much other health care like routine procedures are taking place in the OBL.1,2

    When asked what trends he sees that will impact the OBL market, Dr. McGuckin responded:

    james f mcguckin jr

    Typical hospital cases will surely migrate to outpatient OBLs/ASCs because it is safe to do, and patients favor the convenience.”


    James F. McGuckin Jr., MD
    CEO, Vascular Access Centers, LP

    Director, Philadelphia Vascular Institute
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    As you look ahead, what trends do you see having an impact on the OBL market?

    Today, we probably do 60% or 70% of vascular surgeries in the commu­nity, with quality equal to the hospital, but in a more patient-focused environment. I think payers will continue to carve out certain disease processes and certain treat­ments that are best accomplished in OBLs like mine.”


    Paul J. Gagne, MD, FACS, RVT

    Vascular Surgeon, The Vascular Experts  

    Darien, Connecticut

    paul j gagne

    With the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) coming, we are in pretty good shape. We believe paying for performance and a greater emphasis on quality is beneficial to the patient.”


    R. Stephan Kiesz, MD, FACC, FESC, FSCAI

    Adjunct Professor of Medicine and Cardiology

    University of Texas Health Science Center  

    President and CEO, San Antonio Endovascular and Heart Institute

    San Antonio, Texas

    Benefits of owning an office-based lab


    There are many benefits of opening an office-based lab from patient satisfaction to profitability. Here are what a few OBL experts had to say about the benefits of opening an OBL.

    Higher patient satisfaction

    higher patient satisfaction

    Outpatient models are more convenient with five-minute

    check-ins, personable staff, quicker turnaround times, and less chance of infection, all equating to higher

    cus­tomer satisfaction.”

    R. Stephan Kiesz, MD

    San Antonio, Texas

    Optimized workflow for increased patient volume

    You can do five or six procedures in the office in the same time it takes to do three in the hospital.”  

    Paul J. Gagne, MD

    Darien, Connecticut

    optimized workflow patient volume

    Cutting-edge technology

    cutting edge technology
    The OBL physician is generally more entrepreneurial and is able to adapt quicker to new technologies and therapies that are also beneficial to the patient.”

    James F. McGuckin, Jr., MD

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Endovascular Today – Benefits of an office- based Lab, August 2016

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    Opening an OBL


    Philips offers distinctive solutions to help support you whether you are looking to open a new lab or already have an established business.

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