Restyle with light

ColorVision - Add a touch of color
                   to your headlamps

Street legal car headlights


Philips ColorVision headlights comply with all European vehicle legislation and are the first colored car bulbs certified street legal.


However, the concept is so revolutionary that we’ve included a homologation certificate within the packaging. We recommend that you keep it in your vehicle at all times. That way you can prove that your ColorVision lamps are certified street legal should you ever be challenged by the authorities.


Download the homologation certificate

White light for safety


Philips ColorVision adds a personalized touch of color to your car headlights.


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White light for safety

Street Legal

Light up the road with 60% more white light.


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Designed for reflectors


Reflection innovation in Philips H4 and H7 bulb.


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Discover all car headlights


Discover all car headlights.


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